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 The 21st Annual "Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp"

Montgomery, Texas - December 4-6, 2020
Bonus Night on December 3 

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Seating is extremely limited due to COVID-19 restrictions!

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November 10th, 2020 


Our Theme:
"Turning Theory Into Practice" 

To succeed in turbulent times, you must
turn new ideas into new actions for your pitchers

"Success leaves clues. Find people who are creating the results you seek, and listen to them." - Ron Wolforth 

Dear Colleague,

You and I can both agree: COVID-19 has turned the baseball world upside down.

Of course, we’re all excited that baseball is making its way back.

But your pitchers may be at serious risk for a painful arm injury ...

... because our normal training programs were interrupted back in spring.

This year we had a bunch of guys who were shut down in March ... they didn't train or throw hard for months ... and suddenly they were back on the mound and throwing fastballs.

The danger -- in 2020 and beyond -- is that pitchers may be throwing too hard, too fast, WITHOUT enough proper recovery.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

A rash of serious arm injuries is happening.

Major League Baseball is a perfect example. This season, the IL has been loaded with pitchers dealing with shoulder and elbow issues.

That's why now, more than ever, you need to join me and 75 of your peers at ...

The Ultimate Pitching Coaches Bootcamp

First, you must realize that we're in an uncertain time in 2020. There's NEVER been another year like this one for baseball players, especially pitchers. Spring training was messed up. The season delayed. Nothing is normal right now.

Second, realize this: Arm health and performance are NOT separate ideas. The two are inextricably linked.

Because if your guys have to rest and can't throw bullpens or train between starts, they're not developing as pitchers. They're not getting any better. And their future is bleak.

Which is why we put together this year's Boot Camp. To help your pitchers greatly reduce their risk of injuries, while throwing harder, with better command.

For 20 years now, I've hosted this symposium for pitching coaches of all levels, at the Texas Baseball Ranch.

Here we gather and hear top experts share training and development processes that could be implemented immediately. We have been blessed over that time to have the very best pitching minds speak on our stage.

I am so excited to tell you that this year, in honor of our 21st year, we have gathered the best of the presenters from the past two decades and brought them together for this year's theme: "Turning Theory Into Practice."

These are names you'll recognize as the true thought leaders and revolutionaries in the pitching universe.

This Year's Lineup:

  • Andy McKay - Director of Player Development, Seattle Mariners
  • Jono Arnold - Pitching Coordinator, Texas Rangers
  • Josh Kalk - Pitching Data Analyst, Minnesota Twins
  • Lee Fiocchi - Head S&C Coach, LA Angels
  • Eugene Bleecker - 108 Performance
  • Brian Kight – Founder, Daily Discipline
  • Dr. Joe LaCaze - Rotex Sports
  • Steve Adams – CEO, Tiger Neuroscience
  • Randy Sullivan - CEO, Florida Baseball Ranch - PT, CSCS
  • Ron Wolforth - CEO, Texas Baseball Ranch
  • Flint Wallace - Director of Player Development, Texas Baseball Ranch
  • Jonathan Massey - Lead Instructor, Texas Baseball Ranch
  • Tyler Tompson - Arm Health/Throwing Specialist, Texas Baseball Ranch
  • Garrett Wolforth – Catcher, Cincinnati Reds Organization
  • Chris Farish - Former Pitcher, Detroit Tigers Organization

Without any additional details, I think you'd agree, this event is set up to be absolutely incredible. 

But let's dig in deeper...

If you're not getting the results you want from your pitchers in 2020, you need to make changes. The UPCBC will showcase 16 top experts in player development who show you how to do exactly that.  

Many times -- as you already know -- it's not about working harder, it's about working differently.

Think about the guys you coach. In your stable, you almost certainly have several high-quality arms that are under-performing. 

Why is it that some guys respond to information right away, while others struggle? Some guys "get it" and can modify their movement pattern in just a few reps ... while others really scuffle to adjust. 

Why is that?

In my experience coaching players of all ages and abilities ... from high school freshmen to Cy Young winners like Justin Verlander and Barry Zito ... here's what I've come to understand:

If Our Guys Are Struggling in 2020, It's Not Them.
It's Us. We're Not Giving Them What They Need.
And We Have To Adjust ... 

For example, if 25% of our staff aren't developing better fastballs or secondary stuff, it's not them. It's us. And we need to make changes.

When pitchers fail to develop new skills, 9 times out of 10, we are contributing to that failure.

And ... bluntly ... sooner or later, that blame is going to attach to us

But that doesn't have to be the end of the story. We don't have to accept frustrating, mediocre performance. We simply need to take advantage of the latest scientific findings and "best practices." And the good news is ...

Solving The Problems That All Coaches Face Is The Sole Purpose Of The UPCBC  

When it comes to helping your players reach the next level ... 

... you'll find the answers you've been missing at the 21st Annual "Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp,” at The Texas Baseball Ranch, December 4-6, 2020.

Give us just 3 days in December, and we’ll give you one full year's worth of gains in your coaching skills.  

No matter what level you're at, you'll gain a powerful advantage over other coaches who aren't invited or who fail to attend this special event. Because we bring in experts from all levels -- high school, college, MLB, and athletic trainers from beyond the world of baseball.  

Experts like Andy McKay from the Seattle Mariners ... Josh Kalk from the Minnesota Twins ... Jono Armold from the Texas Rangers ... you can see the whole list below.

Now, for the first time ever, you'll get access to latest coaching breakthroughs in 2020 and beyond.

Here's an example of ...

What The World Has Yet To Learn
From The Revolution In Weighted Balls

The baseball world is like the rest of the world. Trends come and go.  

In 2020, weighted balls are a trend. You can find pitching coaches using them in every corner of the U.S. and Canada ... as well as such far-flung places as Italy, the Netherlands and Australia.  

But it wasn’t always this way.  

When I first started using weighted balls back in 1993, they were decidedly out of fashion. Baseball “experts” were almost unanimously against them. They thought it was reckless and put players at a greater risk of injury.  

In 2003, we invited Paul Nyman to speak at our Coaches Boot Camp.  

He was an engineer -- with a background in track!? -- and he gave two presentations that changed forever how we trained at The Ranch. He proposed a structured, incremental weighted ball throwing program, coupled with radar for feedback. To Nyman and his engineering/track background, it was common sense. To the baseball elite, it was heresy. To us, it was a missing piece in the puzzle.

In 2005, Dr. Mike Marshall, Cy Young winner, spoke at our Coaches Boot Camp.  

He delivered a fiery presentation that laid the foundation for how we train athletes today -- by preparing the soft tissue before any velocity enhancement program. And our weighted ball training efforts took a huge leap forward.

What's the moral of this story?

To the outside world, the revolution in weighted ball training may have been a surprise. But if you were here, at our Coaches Boot Camp, learning from the likes of Paul Nyman and Dr. Mike Marshall ... you had this information months and even years before "mainstream" coaches caught wind of the changes.

In other words ...

You Can Join Us Here And Get Ahead In 2020.
Or Stay Home and Risk Falling Behind...
At The Expense of Your Pitchers.

Why not join us?

2020 Boot Camp Presenters

The best and brightest minds will build on ideas from the past 20 years of Boot Camps, in this invitation-only event for Pro Baseball, College, High School, Pro Athlete Development, and Academy/Pro Training professionals!

Jono Armold
Pitching Coordinator
Texas Rangers

Josh Kulk
Pitching Analyst
Minnesota Twins

Lee Fiocchi
Head S&C Coach
Anaheim Angels

Andy McKay
Director of Player Development
Seattle Mariners

Eugene Bleeker
108 Performance

Dr. Joe LaCaze
Rotex Sports

Brian Kight
Daily Discipline

Steve Adams
Tiger Performance Institute

Randy Sullivan
Founder & CEO
Florida Baseball Ranch®

Ron Wolforth
Founder & CEO
Texas Baseball Ranch®

Flint Wallace
Director of Player Development
Texas Baseball Ranch®

PLUS, the entire Ranch staff, including
JONATHAN MASSEY, Lead Instructor ... TYLER TOMPSON, Arm Health/Throwing Specialist, CHRIS FARISH, Former Professional Pitching and GARRETT WOLFORTH, Catcher, Cincinnati Reds Organization and

BOTTOM LINE: These men are at the top of the food chain for a reason. Success is no accident. 

Why Is This A "Must-Attend" Event? 

Every one of our Ultimate Coaches' Boot Camps has sold out for the last 20 years!


Because our goal is NOT to give you a "one size fits all" approach to coaching. Nobody knows it all!  

That's why we bring you experts who challenge conventional thinking ... offer unique perspectives ... and give you new, more effective ways to develop your throwing athlete.  

Rarely do any of our expert speakers agree 100% with what we do at the Ranch. In fact, several have vehemently disagreed with us. (Ask me about the time former MLB ace Mike Marshall practically cussed me out during his talk.) And that's fine.  

You see, we don't care who is right. We only care about getting it right. 

Which is one reason why ...  

No Other Place On Earth Has Developed More 90 MPH Pitchers Since 2003  

For the past 20 years, we’ve held the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp every winter here at the Ranch. Attendance is by invitation only. You are reading this because you are invited.  

This is the place where the best pitching coaches in America gather every year to get better. Imagine boiling 365 days of growth for you down to only 3 days. That’s what you get here.  

Good news: We always attract the best of the best pitching experts from around America and we limit attendance to just 150 invitees -- this event is closed to the general public.

Bad news: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, attendance is limited just half that. Only 75 seats are available.

IF you act fast and reserve your seat, you can count on discovering breakthrough coaching tips ... meeting new friends ... making new career connections ... and enjoying "eureka!" moments in casual conversation with other guys. 

Now get signed up today for the lowest price available.

Including our NEW Virtual, Video Streaming Ticket, with the same coaching manual you'd get if you joined us in Texas. Perfect for you if we sell out (we always do) or you just want to "attend" from the comfort of home.

You can't make a mistake thanks to our Texas Size Money-Back Guarantee, so don't put this off and miss out.

See you at Boot Camp!

Coach Wolforth Texas Baseball Ranch 


Thursday, December 3: Bonus Session


You get insider access to all the latest methods we use with our MLB, college, and younger athletes at The Ranch.

Friday-Sunday, December 4-6: Boot Camp

Begins at 9:00am

3 full days of expert sessions, Q&A, and camaraderie. Learn from your peers, make new friends, and form valuable connections to further your career as a coach.

Lunch included Friday and Saturday! Snacks on Sunday! 


The Boot Camp is held in our 4,700 sq. ft. theater and assessment center ... or as we call it, The Big Red Barn. Designed specifically for baseball training and for quick access to our two 3,600 sq. ft. practice barns for hands-on sessions. It's been called "the ultimate venue for the advancement of pitching."

The Texas Baseball Ranch®

5451 Honea-Egypt Rd. Montgomery, TX 77316 Phone: 936-588-6762

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December 4-5 

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15 Speaker Sessions

Handouts and Manual

Professional Networking

Lunch Fri. & Sat., Snacks Sun.

 Private Networking Session at The Ranch

Expert Q&A

FREE Virtual Live Streaming Access to all presentations post event


Best Value:
Boot Camp + Bonus Day

December 3-5

Only $748 (Split pay available)

15 Speaker Sessions

Handouts and Manual

Professional Networking

Lunch Fri. & Sat., Snacks Sun.

 Private Networking Session at The Ranch

Expert Q&A

FREE Virtual Live Streaming Access to all presentations post event

Bonus Day of exclusive "behind the scenes" training at The Ranch

Virtual Ticket: Get online access, plus Handouts

Only $649 (Split pay available)

Almost like being here!

Watch all 15 sessions on streaming video from the comfort of home

Available about 7 days after the event

PLUS, downloadable manual with
all-new material

What Coaches Are Saying About This Event

Coach Wolforth is at the forefront when it comes to pitching research, and I look forward to bringing back new tools to apply with the MN Blizzard and our MN Baseball Academy clients.” - Jesse Tollefson, Minnesota Blizzard Elite Baseball  

Having attended the Pitching Boot Camp three times, I can truly say it is the most wonderful three days of pitching knowledge ... the information is second to none. You will get better by simply being present.- Fred Corral, Pitching Coach, University of Missouri  

Just wanted to thank you for another great experience at the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp. This was my 6th or 7th time to attend ... and I came away with another boatload of information. I hope you guys continue to offer this experience for years to come. Each year I look forward to learning and being challenged at Boot Camp!" - Adam Moseley, Head Baseball Coach, Hoover High School  

IMPORTANT! There is NO waiting list this year. And fewer seats. When we sell out, you are locked out  

When this boot camp was at Lone Star Convention Center, we typically sold out all 220 seats. However, we're now at our more intimate facility at The Ranch itself. And we only have room for 150 75 coaches, due to COVID-19. That means, it's nearly four times as hard to get a seat ... and nearly 7,000 coaches are getting this promotion. 

That's only 1 seat for every 92 of you. Not enough to go around ...

This will be your first, last, and ONLY chance to get in at these prices ... so don’t miss out. You'll receive hotel and transportation details after you sign up. Plus ...  

You're Protected By Our "Texas-Size" 100% Money-Back Guarantee  

It's simple: Come to the Boot Camp. Put us to the test. If, by lunch on the second day, you aren't delighted with the event for any reason -- or no reason -- just let us know. Your ticket will be cheerfully and immediately refunded. Plus, we'll even pay your documented travel costs! No questions asked. No hassles either. We wouldn't have it any other way.  

IMPORTANT: $100 Savings end November 10, 2020. After that, the discount disappears and the price goes up. Please lock in your savings and register today! 


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